Amazon ECS (Elastic Compute Cloud) Instance
This is a server running another free year of Amazon EC2 cloud computing, where cloud just means virtual machine on some amazon server farm

I know what you are thinking... this webpage looks horrible, but that's okay, pretty ones usually dont validate ;o) Dedicated host - Amazon ECS Frontier Fios 50mbps up/down - pointing at a Dell PowerEdge R210 II running gentoo 4.19.27-gentoo-r1
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Random Image
Screenshot of my engine software rendered, sutherland hodgman clipping still needs work, but fps is decent. Getting perspective correct texture mapping was a bit troublesome, you interpolate 1/w, u/w, and v/w, I was using 1/z, u/z, and v/z, which would have worked if I used the Z before perspective division, not after. (same goes for W, but after division it becomes 1.0, so pretty obvious) -- Updated from old screenshot that had z-buffer issues