Amazon ECS (Elastic Compute Cloud) Instance
This is a server running another free year of Amazon EC2 cloud computing, where cloud just means virtual machine on some amazon server farm

I know what you are thinking... this webpage looks horrible, but that's okay, pretty ones usually dont validate ;o) Dedicated host - Amazon ECS Frontier Fios 50mbps up/down - pointing at a Dell PowerEdge R210 II running gentoo 4.19.27-gentoo-r1
Random Image:
Random Image
Heightmapped terrain, kind of neat how quick and at what large scale a simple heightmapped terrain can become, q3tourney2 (entire level) is the small thing at the top for scale. It's over a gigabyte in size when exported as an
OBJ with 11,148,642 triangles and 5,579,044 vertices generated from a 2362x2362 image (think source heightmap is of mountains in new zealand)