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This is a server running another free year of Amazon EC2 cloud computing, where cloud just means virtual machine on some amazon server farm

I know what you are thinking... this webpage looks horrible, but that's okay, pretty ones usually dont validate ;o) Dedicated host - Amazon ECS Frontier Fios 50mbps up/down - pointing at a Dell PowerEdge R210 II running gentoo 4.19.27-gentoo-r1
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Random Image
Just some sprites moving about in MS DOS graphics Mode 13h. (320x200 stretched to 320x240), compiled with TurboC++ DOS.C might make a spinning cube or something later. But would like to get VESA modes going, (higher resolutions) but they are a super pain in the behind to set up compared to VGA modes

-- Managed to get VESA going from old Hello VBE! Example SVGA.C

-- Did the same thing now in 1024x768 using the above example, sprites blink because I am writing to the video ram twice, (clear and sprite draw) really need a buffer that is then blitted, but 16 bit mode can't allocate 768k sadly DOS2.C

-- Here's another Vesa example that supposedly is faster as it uses a linear frame buffer that compiles under WATCOM using DOS4GW in 32bit mode (DOS2.C uses 64k memory with 'bank switching' which remaps that 64k around, which is slow as it requires an interrupt)

-- And finally, a LFB version of the same darn thing that has good performance in high resolution and clears and such without flickering DOS3.ZIP