Amazon ECS (Elastic Compute Cloud) Instance
This is a server running another free year of Amazon EC2 cloud computing, where cloud just means virtual machine on some amazon server farm

I know what you are thinking... this webpage looks horrible, but that's okay, pretty ones usually dont validate ;o) Dedicated host - Amazon ECS Spectrum Cable 400mbps down 20mbps or so up - pointing at a Dell PowerEdge R210 II running gentoo 4.19.27-gentoo-r1
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Very rough smoothed particle hydrodynamics simulation, still needs general improvements as well as generating a surface from the particles, old school approach would be to use marching cubes, but there seems to be newer screen space surface generation techniques that are faster. (eg: Simon Green Screen Space Fluid Rendering) Use's Monagan's approximations of the navier stokes equations and grid based sorting of particles to avoid O(n^2) computations for finding neighbors. Performance is a huge bottleneck for SPH as generally you are limited by the maximum amount of particles you can simulate in real time (and everyone wants more particles -- right click to add some). AMD has a good background video for those interested -- And Muller's paper makes some good points and is worth looking at